Lady Entrepreneurs ~ Why Bother Getting a Transformational Coach?


We weren’t meant to do it all alone. In an (admittedly slightly) changing “man’s world” we women have a lot to gain from receiving support from other Women. If I were to speak just to myself of 8 years ago, I’d tell me how awesome it is to have someone who knows what you’ve been through, feels yours pain, and can hold you so tightly accountable to your own dreams and goals their’s no chickening out when things get dicey.

Speak Your Truth Coaching Application

I’m a coach. I guess you’ve caught on to that. But what does that mean? What does it look like? For me coaching is all about teaching to fish… figuratively, of course. Haha! Have you heard the quote “You can feed a person giving them a fish today, or you can teach them to fish and feed them for a lifetime.” That’s what I do. I help women entrepreneurs speak their truth, know who they are, and get the grit to make their dreams happen! After all, if you’ve thought of it, it’s possible. If you’re feeling trapped in life, or plateaued, let me just say: this is YOUR life. You get to choose into what is awesome sauce and what is not. Ok, so maybe you have chosen a life that is busy with 15 million things and family… and you think you don’t have time to make your dreams happen? Well, maybe that’s true, and it’s still your choice. You get to decide. No one else can live your life. AND it IS possible to create win-win-wins for your life. The ingredients? Honesty, Passion, Commitment, Courage, Hope.

The people you love are waiting for that unique gift only YOU can bring. You deserve all of you too! You’re gonna sweat a bit though. It takes focus and dedication. So, if you’re NOT UP for committing to what you really want, then DO NOT click on the application below to coach with me. It’ll just save both of us time and you money.

BUT DO! If you’re ready to take action, and get results faster!

Speak Your Truth Coaching Application

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