I started writing in my journals when I was nine years old. My sister is nine years older, and I guess I felt inspired by her example of private literary eloquence.

Last year, I started my first book ever. Well, it may be finished. I haven’t quite decided. Anyways, when I first sat down to write, I stacked all my years of journals to the side of my writing space prepared to delve into the past with the intention to create my memoir… of my first thirty-five years, that is. I peeped into a few of them, and promptly slammed the last one shut with zero desire to open it again.

It’s agonizing to read through pages of self-denial and fluffy talk. I couldn’t do it. Not what I wanted to do at that point anyways. Hence, the uncertainty around my book being finished or not.

Anyways, all that to say, I started this blog to express authentically and inspirationally transfer all the tid bits I’ve been inspired by, and hopefully inspire you too.

The last five or six years I’ve been transforming that little scared girl into the woman of my dreams- powerful, authentic, deep lover, and wonderful adventurer, fearless in the face of her past and her future. Present in this moment.

Join me as I journey forward, ever onward, to being my best, most dearest self on my Hygge way.

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