Have you ever gone to work one day, everything’s normal, the sun’s shining, the to-do’s are planned, and then halfway through the day you find out your dear friend took their own life? Well, I did six years ago. Everything changed for me from that point on.

This blog is my stories and the heartfelt journey I’ve been on to discover and step into my most authentic, loving, self. I didn’t know what I couldn’t know before Dan died, even though I’d had two other people in my life up to that point take their own life.

Death is something we all at some point try to reckon with and understand. Some people have beliefs of an afterlife, some do not. I believe we are here for a purpose to becoming more connected to Divine Love then we can possibly know, and for me, grief has been a big part of my journey.

So, if I can share what I’ve been through, and the beautiful life I’ve created and am creating, and help other people who may not know how to process death and loss, I will.

Enjoy the read, cry if you will, and stay tuned for my upcoming memoir. At the end of the day, there is hope, we do have purpose. It just takes some intention and a lot of surrender and grace to lean in versus resisting what is.


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