After 5 years of asking questions, going deep, and transforming my mindset to feel free to change my life, I’m creating my dreams! What is that dream? Well, there’s a little story that goes with that answer.

I remember it was a hot, sunny day, in Montana, outside my first home, conversing on the grass with a friend I had a feeling was going a different direction in life than me. After months of wrestling with what my heart wanted (aka: feel free, purpose driven, loved, powerful, make a difference in the world,) and what my brain wanted (aka: stay in comfort zone, cling to manipulating, co-dependent relationships, and just survive), I was getting ready to finally go full out. I hadn’t told my friend my dreams of coaching, and changing the world by helping people change themselves… I didn’t trust myself or him. But in that moment, I was open, I shared my heart, my dreams. What he said next, changed my life forever. “You can’t do that, what if you lose your house? What if …xyz?” I lost it. I’d heard that voice before… but in my head. I got really mad, and said YES I CAN!! AND NOBODY IS GOING TO STOP ME!

And that was that! Now, I’m a certified Transformational Coach, helping women entrepreneurs own their own intrinsic value, and create powerful, positive change for themselves! I’m traveling the world, renting out my house back home, developing powerful relationships that challenge me, and launching a retreat company (Powerful Again Retreats) to help women cultivate  a balance of self-honer and action, own their value, and speak their truth in business!

How about it? You want to live full out too? You CAN!

Fill Out my quick questionnaire and see if we’d be a good coaching fit. I love helping you get after your dreams, live in your purpose, be authentic, feel joy, passion, love! It starts with you though. What will you choose?

CLICK HERE Speaking Your Truth Coaching Application


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