Where could I possibly begin to tell you about me? Or visa versa? Haha, we people, are amazing. Part of how I know that is how far I’ve come from where I was. I grew up in a traditionally christian family of 6 kids (yours, mine, and ours flavored family.) Homeschooled, country raised, tomboy, middle girl in a family of brothers and one sister. Always a visionary for bringing all people and things into thrive mode! I didn’t think of this as a gift until about 5 years ago when God, the universe, the Great Love, came along side me at rock bottom and started answering my biggest question: what is love? I had practiced and seen versions of love I finally recognized as unsatisfactory to my heart and I wanted to know what the real deal was.

In this blog, I will walk with you down memory lane reminiscing on the paths to rock bottom I’ve experienced and the profound answers I got to move forward towards my dreams and goals of living and feeling from my authentic heart. I believe this is where true abundant life comes from; our authentic heart. Until I was ready to ask the crucial questions of myself and the Universe, I was forever in a cycle of hiding myself, my heart in the darkest of fears. My fears were so scary for me to face, I was in denial they were there until I was ready.

Do you want to join me on this journey? I’d love to swap stories, solutions, dreams, and goals. This site is for inspiration, hope, breakthrough, wholeness, and discovering more authenticity residing in our deepest of hearts and how to live from there.

With much love,

Danielle, hyggemontana

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