The Strength of a Woman

I had four brothers growing up and one sister. My dad thought it best to make sure his girls knew how to do boy stuff, so we participated in all the “boy tasks.” My idea of strength growing up resulted in physical strength and the ability to pretend I didn’t even think of crying when I hammered my thumb or was yelled at.

I held this philosophy until womanhood began dawning on me and I started awakening to the fact that there was a lot more to strength than brawn. But what was it though? I wouldn’t know my answer to that for another 15 years.

Having an overpowering influence of testosterone motivated masculinity growing up, I despised my sensitivity and joy in beauty. It was some sort of a way for me to reconcile me to me, I think. “If my dad was so approving of aggressive strength, then he would approve of me less if I embraced more feminine behaviors,” was my thinking…

The other day I was watching Wonder Woman and this thought kept recurring to me: if we women aren’t god’s with supernatural strengths (to my knowledge) beyond imagination, then what is our true strength? The movie resonates with me so much, as with so many other women I know, but what is it that resonated with me so well if not the fact she was able to fight and overcome such great odds against her?

What is it that is so amazing about a woman besides the normal estimations of beauty and motherhood?

I believe it is the ability to know our own strength, the resiliency to continue acting on it, and the tenacity and passion to be certain of our destiny and hope.

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