Hold my breath, and GO!

I’ve always thought of myself as a writer/author. I’ve journaled since I was nine years old, I’ve dreamed about being a part of Oprah’s Book Club. In fact, last year I wrote my first memoir. And then I promptly stuffed it to the bottom of my bookshelf, and haven’t read it since. It’s raw, it’s real, and I just couldn’t bring myself to reread it, to edit/rewrite, and pursue publishing. I felt all the raw shame and fear of my experiences in my life, and I didn’t want to share that with everyone.. yet.

However, in the past few months, and ultimately weeks, I’ve had a nudge to write again. This nudge has turned into a clear desire to finish what I started… but not too fast… maybe, start putting something more out there for all to read and hopefully be inspired to take a leap for themselves however that looks.

I’m a huge believer in allowing my destiny and purpose to unfold when my heart is ready, and I guess I must be ready because in the past two weeks I’ve had two separate, unconnected people pursue me to give me assistance and help me publish my writing! Wow! If that’s not a loud “ok, Danielle, you’re ready, now jump and spread those wings!” I don’t know what is!

So, I’ve done it! I’ve committed to writing a chapter for a collaborative book called Yes I can! by Dr. Izdihar Jamil. It’s a collection of chapters by different women who’ve overcome something in their lives and become successful in one way or another.

I’m so excited to partner with this inspiring woman, and share part of my story. I’ve begun to mull it over, think about what I want to write about and, more importantly, what is my why? Why do I feel compelled to share my story with the world? What does it matter? Writing my book last year, was totally part of my healing process in certain parts of my heart. However, this time, I feel strong, ready. Ready to share my secrets to being able to drop everything and head off to Europe for the trip of a lifetime. I feel ready to help empower women all over to stop what their doing, listen to their heart, grab courage by the tail and hang on for the amazing ride that awaits!

I’ve seen woman after woman in my life and around the globe settle for the status quo, settle with the belief that whatever the main frame cultural experience (we all were exposed and brain washed by) is the truth of our identity, destiny, and purpose. I’m here to say each of us has the right to choose what our lives look like, the people we share it with, and the adventures we create. What matters is we are being our most authentic self, our highest and best self. The woman that was once a little girl dancing in the late afternoon sun amongst the fall leaves and dreaming about our awesome lives we would have as adults.

So, what is my why? I write, nay… I shine, because I deserve to live on fire and so do you. I will share my ups, my downs, my despair, my hope, my love, my fear because this is real life…. and in the midst of it all we deserve to say Yes! I can!

Stay tuned for the launch of my first collaborative book July, 2020!

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