Death. The real unknown.

Death is often unexpected and uncontrollable. It is a deep and wide concept to consider. I’ve had the opportunity to look at death through watching many friends, family, and strangers experience it. Some by choice, some suddenly without warning, some with plenty of time to reflect before passing to what’s next.

I’ve never been afraid of death. The idea of death for myself has always been one of solidarity, gravity, and mystery, but never fear. Well, I take that back. There were some once that put the fear of death in me briefly. It got eradicated. So, for the most part, I’ve had it easy as far as the wonder of death for myself.

I have, however, felt much pain around death. Pain for what I perceived it to mean to me personally when someone I care for and/or respect leaves this earth. Ive felt loss in death. Betrayal. Sorrow. Powerful emotions of anger and confusion as to why.

And I’ve also felt hope, love, joy, trust. Hope that the persons I care for are now full of joy and never again to feel the tinges of despair. Hope that I will live and love more fully because of each persons influence on me. Joy in appreciating this beautiful moment I have, the people that are still here I can touch, talk with, and be silent with.

I constantly choose into these other emotions that push me forward and help me experience much color in the canvas of my life.

If you’re out there grieving, I urge to you lean in. Feel it all, ask the questions, surrender to what is, and love more deeply. Make your life exactly what you desired for their life and more. Be all you were designed to be. We all deserve the most authentic you.

Enjoy life!

Much love, Danielle

Ps for more photos and moments of reflection add me on Instagram @hyggemontana

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