Why I Love Coaching Millennial Entrepreneurs~ the why, the how, and a dash of inner hygge

The picture of this kid just gives me chills. He’s completely uninhibited, fully engaging his voice, focused, giving 100% effort.

How many times have you and I been in a situation we walked out of thinking “there was so much more I had to say! WTF!” Whether it’s that moment you finally have the courage to talk to your crush and you literally don’t say anything coherent?!?! Or maybe it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for to pitch your business deal and you can’t for the life of you remember why your product or service is a good idea to your client? I get that, oh how I get that.

About three years ago I lost a dear friend to suicide. In retrospect I now see he didn’t know how to use his voice, to own his inner power, and be free from the negative internal conversation that brought him to the point of giving up on his life. He had dreams too, he told me. He wanted to own and operate this prize winning bull ranch in Texas. He was almost there too. He’d been through so much already as a bull rider himself who quit due to breaking his back, a soldier, a dreamer, a broken-hearted man. He had so much to offer this world. An extraordinary amount of potential. When he checked out, I checked in. Of course, I was devastated, angry, hurt, but here I am three years later with a clear, determined understanding of the gift his choice gave me.

I say all that to acknowledge the gift he gave me. This gift was a determination to believe in myself, to ask for the support to get the tools to own my potential, and to help other people do the same thing. This is my passion. My heart is for your heart from which comes your deepest most wonderful passions, your destiny. If I can help just one person to wake up, connect with their truth, and swing for a home run every time, I will be at peace. The funny part is I will probably never know my own impact. Which is kinda wonderful because if my aim is to continue to be my best, most powerful version and help people do the same, then I’m set. I’m all good. I am sleeping peacefully at night knowing I gave this moment, my now, all of my potential. And for that, I’ll always be grateful to my friend. Ya know, maybe outside time, before coming to this world, my friend agreed to give his life for me to wake up and know I am enough regardless of what other people think. Now, I can help others do the same, only I am living on this earth now.

Speak Your Truth Coaching Application

Why millennial entrepreneurs? Because I think this generation has the greatest power to impact this world for the greatest good the world has seen yet. There are certain stereotypical jokes out there about millennials that I am finding to be based in some truth. I can see it kind of confusing and stirring up a lot of negativity in millennials that are difficult to pin point and work through because it hasn’t been done before. Generalised stereotypes like ‘entitlement, laziness, must have bean bags and a purpose at work, I need to feel safe…’ well, there is truth here, and in that truth I see a huge opportunity! With entitlement comes the opportunity to believe you can have anything you want. Do you know what you want? If so, what is your motivation to get what you want? Will it stand the test of time? Will the shadow you cast satisfy at the end of the day? If your world turned upside down tomorrow and you were in a wheel chair the rest of your life would that motivation carry you forward into your destiny regardless of circumstance? Imagine if it was possible what we could accomplish to make this world a better place! So, then that ties into having purpose, making a difference. Bam. Full circle.

I love working with millennial entrepreneurs because I am one, and I see us really rocking this world to the core together. Yeah, sure the world is pretty unstable now, but that’s why we are in this time in history, so that our beliefs of entitlement to doing things our own way, to make a difference, can accomplish world peace in our life time and justice for all people, etc.

To begin making a difference it is essential to come from our authentic hearts. I’ve had the honour to take a step back from my own life and see how I can do this most effectively. I suppose sometimes people think they can or should do this alone and without support, but here’s the thing; have you heard the quote “alone you can go fast, but together we can go far?” I never found this to be more true than when I started on my own journey by asking for someone else to believe in me when I couldn’t yet. Now I can, and now I can for you too. I can show you and teach you how to do this for yourself. I want to teach you to fish for yourself, so to speak, because although I can feed you by catching a fish for you today, I’d much rather teach you to fish and thereby feed so many more!

I am currently in Spain focusing on writing and building my coaching clientele, challenging my inner strength, and living full out. If the above person is you, and you are ready to step into your power, and use your voice to full volume, go ahead and email me to schedule a chat. This might be the first day to your best life. Let’s give it a shot together. Now is what you have, and now is here.



Much love, peace, and passion,


Speak Your Truth Coaching Application

PS hygge: danish word for cozy, safe atmosphere for relational connection. This is what I create in my heart, and in my relationships intentionally. Hygge is a state of being I practice in order to connect with myself and you. “Together we can go far.”

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