Dear Brain, What’s your intention? ~shhhh… your heart is speaking~

“Tomorrow’s a new day for everyone, a brand new moon, a brand new sun. When you feel life coming down on you like a heavy weight… take a stroll to the nearest waters and take your place…. follow the sun.”  Follow The Sun, Xavier Rudd

In my last post, I shared a bit of the story on how I decided to come to Spain. I’ve gotten some feedback and I’d like to address some of the thoughts I’ve received. Maybe the intention of those people who reached to me was different than I took their comments. Regardless, I will write my thoughts in response to theirs.

In my mind, there are two ways to approach why I’ve come to Spain for six months.

The first is the intention to find something, with the implication something is lost, or is yet to be had; I don’t have something for which I’m looking. This implies an emptiness, a lack of something more I am wanting. Maybe this is you? I know it has been me at times. Maybe there is a constant search throughout your life, wondering when you’ll finally be full of the thing, the more, whatever that is.

The second is the intention of creation or manifesting the ‘it’ with the attitude ‘it’ already exists; the surrender to seeing it before my eyes. It is as if I am already full, already content, already know the satisfaction, the wholeness of ‘it.’ This intention is fully enjoying the moment, full love, full appreciation for the gifts now.

What intention do I have in being here, in Salamanca, Spain? And what is the ‘it?’ Which would I rather? The constant feeling that I’m missing something I need to find around the corner? Or the feeling of enjoyment now? The knowing everything I want, all my gifts are here right now? Do you see the difference?

My intention for this trip, for my life, is the receiving of all the gifts I have now. How can I relieve something, a gift, if I have it already? This is the adventure: practicing being present right now I get to embrace the gifts that are for me all the time: now. And it’s wonderful.

For instance, today I had lunch with a friend from school in a little park area just next to this gigantic cathedral (check out my Instagram for pics @hyggemontana). Now if my intention was to find a something I didn’t have, that I was looking for, would I really see the cathedral? Would I enjoy its grander? It’s beauty? The way the sun glints off each beautiful detail in its design? No, I wouldn’t. I’ve been in that space…. and I choose presence now.

I choose to see with my heart, to experience the gift of life and all it encompasses.

Lunch was so beautiful. A lovely conversation with a lovely new friend. And when we parted ways? *An old way of being would be to find a way to fill the absence of my friend or family. What do I do now? I felt the sun warm my bodies chill. I went across the way and admired a few beautiful wedding dresses across the way. I came back and took pictures of the cathedral. I strolled down Calle de Toro. There was a violinist playing a beautifully soulful piece in the street. I stopped for a few minutes to listen. I felt the appreciation for this man expressing such sweet, sweet melodies for all who would hear. I felt a wave swell from my stomach, sweep through my heart and reach my eyes. Tears filled my eyes as I felt each note he played. To me, this is the embracing the gift of now. Creation of hygge in my heart.

What about you? What’s your intention in your life? Whether you’re traveling or in the place of your roots?

Write me an email or comment your answers and thoughts! I’d love to hear about where you’re at in your journey.

All peace, love, and light is for us. Let’s embrace it together.





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