Hygge & Coaching

A year and a half ago, I found myself in a backyard celebrating my brothers graduation from the University in the state of WA, and meeting and chatting with people I didn’t know. One woman and I struck up a conversation which eventually led to her revealing her passion for travel and love of Denmark in particular. She introduced me to hygge. It fascinated me! Being a Montanan-Dane myself, I grew up with one small tradition which represented hygge for me which was tea with cream and honey 2-3 times throughout the day with my family and friends. We’d have tea before breakfast, during breakfast, most definitely mid-afternoon, and after dinner. It was charming, cozy, and cultivated the basis of a close connection with my family I will forever be grateful for especially in light of our fast paced consumer world.


I share a bit more of my personal story to become a life coach on my website, and probably will touch on it from time to time, but here, here is a place to divulge my nerdy passions blending the concept of hygge and my life coaching.

Coaching is a beautiful thing. It is very organic, exploratory,  intuitive, and honest. I’ve personally had a coach off and on over the last few years and have created so much value through the process of inviting a skilled person to support me in being honest with myself around old stories I was repeating in my head, discovering my deeper purpose, and begin excitedly jumping out of bed every day to see what adventures lie ahead! (My purpose is being grounded and connected through love, thriving and embracing each moment as a beautiful process of life, and spilling this experience over to other people ergo granting permission for them to be in their true purpose as well.)

The connection between hygge and coaching for me is incredible. If hygge is a concept of experiencing contented, safe, happy connection with self, friends, and family in a beautiful environment and/or moment, and I feel this is wonderfully in alignment with my personal purpose, then there has to be other people out there who want to be in this hygge space. fullsizeoutput_89Perhaps they don’t know how to get there. Perhaps, there’s other people out there like I was, running around, feeling like I could never do enough, be enough to satisfy my career, my relationships, my busy mind? So I started asking questions… why am I feeling like a cat who can’t catch her tail? What can I embrace which will allow me to release this negative tension I’m feeling? Where is this coming from? I’d gotten to the point of living as if it was acceptable, even congratulatory, to operate from a place of “I’m always on and performing and sacrificing myself on the alter of career or relationship for you…aren’t I such a bad-ass, ‘giving’ woman?” And it was always this unconsious question I was asking myself and other people “Am I good enough? Will you approve of me once I meet all your expectations and give myself away leaving nothing for me?” I tell you, it took a hard fall before I could really honestly look at the very real, raw stories I was telling myself deep within me… I couldn’t even hear God above the clamor in my brain. I know Holy Spirit was and is always coaxing me to agree with Him/Her that I’m I am loved and chosen and safe. I knew that then too, in a way. I just had some other very loud monologue running through my brain all the time that overrode this still, small voice, calling to the deep part of my heart and soul, to come sit awhile and rest. Come hyggeligt with me, the voice calls. It called until deep pain in my life caused me to stop. “Just stop and let yourself be you, because you’re incredible.”

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