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Hygge Montana


Tired of feeling stressed, discontented, and unmotivated? Are you trying to do more, better, different in your life and business and are just plain stuck? Purpose Coaching is a exciting resource to begin living in your true purpose and manifesting deep joy alongside your sorrow. I’d be honored to support you to begin your journey to living the hygge way.



Purpose Coaching focuses on creating a safe and confidential space for personal growth, transformation, and breakthrough to discover the deeper meaning of your life. You will have the opportunity to partner with me and begin revealing your ‘why’ behind ‘what you are doing,’ to honestly and courageously move into a heart revelation, and begin living from your true purpose.

I provide a one hour long phone call each week for a recommended 6-12 week minimum. I’ll ask questions to help you create personal revelation for your forward movement. In between each phone call I invite the you to take yourself on on a deeper level by doing some practical homework to practice creating what it is you say you want. This process is for those ready for change, releasing the past, moving into a hopeful new future full of promise and purpose. You are responsible for your own results. The amount of time and energy you put into this process is what you will get out of it. Remember you are not alone. I get to partner with you because I am in the process too. Follow my blog to read the very real, personal journey I am on to create the thriving, hopeful, loving life I desire. I encourage each person reading this to take the assessment below to understand where you’re at in this process of personal development and see if you and I would be a good fit to create positive momentum in your life. Feel free to call for more details.

Bonus: Personally, I absolutely love living from a purpose-filled place, accepting it is a journey and trusting my forward movement will facilitate what I say I want. I love it because I get to freely make choices bolstering more joy, gratitude, and love in my every day life, ergo: permission the people around me to do the same. It’s a wild, amazing journey this life!! Now let’s practice living it to the fullest!

My Story

I was born in Washington state, and have been settled in Montana for the last 17 years. I grew up in a family oriented homeschool environment of discovery, cultivating a passion to learn. My desire to research, understand, and connect with humanity has led to adventures like being first mate and photographer on a charter boat in Alaska, taking a detour from trail work in the Bob Marshall Wilderness to discover and enjoy Spotted Bear’s Black Bear Cabin, to taking on the wild world of Washington DC and experiencing Uber for the first time. The last decade, I have worked as a photographer, barista, private hospitality/property manager, and beer-tender, as well as done multiple volunteer projects locally partnering with Samaritan House, Bob Marshall Wilderness Foundation, and HOPE406, to name a few. Three years ago, my path took a sudden left turn when a dear friend of mine took his own life. I was devastated, confused, and angry. Something clicked deep inside me. I decided I wouldn’t stand by and let life pass me by with little intentional direction. Instead I would honor my friends life and choose into my full creative potential to be joyfully awake, living and breathing, and make a positive impact in the world. Since then, I’ve had a laser focus on developing my personal leadership, character, listening, and communication skills. Part of my continuing personal development process includes receiving life coaching which shows me how powerful it is to receive such safe and loving support. It’s not all a cake walk for sure. I am learning to enjoy the beautiful journey with all it’s ups and downs. My desire is to keep growing into the woman I was designed to be, to flourish, facilitate others to do the same, and live from a place of true purpose. I have great vision and passion to funnel my personal experience and training into my coaching, writing, public speaking, community, and beyond.


Mission Text


Danielle’s personal goal is to thrive in her own business and also pay-it-forward by referring and promoting every business she believes in and partners with as a way to bring together her community and promote an atmosphere of friendly connectedness amongst her peers and colleagues.

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